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Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body Types

Discover the best jeans styles that flatter an apple shape body type.

Jeans Styles That Flatter An Apple Shaped Figure Featured

It can be tough for apple-shaped women to find the perfect pair of jeans that are comfortable, cute, and confidence-boosting. If this sounds familiar, you can stop spending hours in the dressing room trying on every style imaginable, I’ve found the best styles of jeans for your gorgeous apple-shaped figure!

The best jeans for apple shapes include wide leg, straight leg, and bootcut jeans styles which balance out your wider upper body and create curves where they might not naturally exist. Slim and skinny fits with the right amount of stretch, the perfect rise, and great pocket placement will also highlight your natural beauty.

If you’re tired of pinching waistbands and not feeling your best, read below! I cover the best styles for your apple body shape along with additional tips and tricks for finding the best jeans for your apple shape.

What Styles of Jeans Will Best Suit Your Apple Shaped Body?

Apple shaped women typically have slender arms, a wider upper half, and slim legs. The best jeans for apple body shapes will support your tummy area while adding balance to your silhouette with a wider bottom half. With that in mind, let’s get into the best jeans for an apple body shape!

Slim Fit Jeans Feel Comfortable and Look Good

Slim fit jeans are the best of both worlds for an apple body shape. They show off your lovely body shape and bring balance to it. If you’re not sure of the difference between slim leg and skinny jeans, slim leg jeans are not as skin tight and have wider leg openings.

AGOLE Nico High Rise Slim fit Jeans
AGOLE Nico High Rise Slim Fit Jeans (image by

The bit of extra room in them, compared to skinny jeans, balances out your shape subtly like wider styles. The tight fit means they follow your body shape, highlighting every inch of you. This makes them a comfortable and confidence-boosting style for all body shapes, but especially apple shapes!

They also look more tailored and professional, so they’re great for work or less casual events. A dark wash or black denim pair make them even more dressy.

For a pair that can go from the farmers market to dinner, grab a darker pair like Amour Vert’s Nico High Rise Slim Fit Jeans. Paired with a tucked-in tee and some sneakers, you’re ready to run all of the errands. With a button-up shirt and loafers, they’re professional and chic!

Wide Leg Jeans Define Your Waist

Wide leg jeans are a super comfortable option for apple shaped women. Starting off fitted along your waist, they’ll flare out starting at your hips for a full-figured effect. The flare creates the illusion of a very defined waist, while also giving your legs more room to breathe.

ABLE Leah Sailor Jean
ABLE Leah Sailor Jean (image by

Wide leg jeans can make it look like you have an hourglass shape without constricting you. They’re also great because they can look very dressy if you grab them in a dark wash or black denim. A cropped wide leg is especially great at showcasing those tiny ankles of yours!

For a fun and flirty outfit, style a pair of wide leg jeans like the Able Leah Sailor Jean that has unique front pockets with a tucked-in shirt. This will highlight your waist. Add a pair of sandals for the ultimate summer look!

Straight Leg Jeans Streamline Your Silhouette

Straight leg jeans are apple body shapes’ best friend. They balance your silhouette by adding width below the widest part of your body. Plus, because of the extra space in the hips and thighs, you’ll be more comfortable in them all day.

Outerknown Liberty Straight Leg Jean
Outerknown Liberty Straight Leg Jean (image by

The trick for finding the perfect pair of straight leg jeans for apple shapes? Choosing slimmer versions of the classic straight leg styles. Instead of bulkier boyfriend jeans or mom jeans, choose a pair of girlfriend jeans. Boyfriend and mom jeans can look a little saggy on an apple shape. Instead, girlfriend jeans are more tailored to your body shape and show off your slim legs!

Find a mid rise straight jean like the Outerknown Liberty Straight for an easy everyday pair. Paired with a basic t-shirt and your comfiest sneakers and you’re ready to hit the streets!

Bootcut and Flare Jeans Give You Curves

Draw attention to your legs and add more curves to your body shape with bootcut or flare jeans. These jeans have a tight fit from the waistband to the lower leg. Flare jeans will widen starting at the knee, while bootcut jeans slightly flare out starting mid-calf.

Warp + Weft PSP Once Crop Bootcut Jean
Warp + Weft PSP Once Crop Bootcut Jean (image by

This type of shape will highlight your cute butt and shapely thighs, and then add curves with the extra width at the bottom. If you don’t naturally have a lot of curves, it’s a great shape for you.

A cropped bootcut jean like Warp + Weft’s PSP is a great option for any apple shape! Add a sleeveless white top, which will highlight your slender arms and strong, broad shoulders. Pair them with some chunky sandals to show off those tiny ankles of yours.

Skinny Jeans Are Great for ALL Body Shapes

A lot of people online try to tell apple shaped women to avoid skinny jeans because they’re not the most “flattering jeans” for an apple body shape. I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong: skinny jeans look good on everyone. You get to flaunt your beautiful legs and body shape!

Everlane Authentic Sketch High Rise Skinny
Everlane Authentic Sketch High Rise Skinny (image by

If you’re nervous that the tight fit might draw attention to parts of your body that you typically like to hide, there are a few things to keep in mind while styling them. Skinny jeans should have a good amount of stretch in the denim so you can really highlight your legs and butt. Read below for tips on finding the right stretch denim.

Find a pair that is slightly cropped to about an inch above your ankle bone. Wear some bulkier shoes like an ankle boot or large sneakers to add symmetry to your shape.

A great styling tip for apple shapes looking to wear skinny jeans? Tucked in a v-neck shirt to define your waist and add curves. Dress the outfit up with some heels or throw on your favorite sandals for a more casual look.

Additional Tips for the Best Jeans for Apple Shape Figure

You’ve found the best styles of jeans for your apple shape. Now, it’s time to put the cherry on top with these tips and tricks!

Get the Right Amount of Stretch in Your Denim

You can find the perfect style for your apple shape and still not be comfy enough if it doesn’t have the right amount of stretch! Especially with a wider waist and thinner legs, it’s important that your jeans contour to your body as much as they can.

Styles like slim, bootcut and flare, or skinny jeans should be made with stretchier denim. More structured styles like a wide leg or straight leg should have a more rigid feel, so they keep to their shape.

Many brands use fabrics like spandex, which are not very sustainable to create their stretch denim. Instead, opt for brands that use fabrics like TENCEL™ Lyocell, which is a fiber made from eucalyptus wood pulp and is very sustainable.

Pay Attention to Your Pockets

An often overlooked part of your jeans, pockets can make or break a pair.

Front pockets tend to bunch up, which can be uncomfortable and add bulk to the widest area of your body. To ensure comfort and some tummy control, look for jeans that have front pockets sewn into the side and zipper seams of your jeans.

If you’re an apple shape with a smaller, or perhaps flatter, behind, perfectly placed back pockets can do wonders! They should sit at the most voluminous part of your butt and take up about 50% of each cheek. If you struggle with a flat or saggy behind, back pockets that sit higher on your butt will add volume. Also, flap pockets or pockets with designs on them can create a fuller illusion.

Buy the Smallest Size That Fits

One trick for finding jeans that fit perfectly beyond just the first wear is buying the smallest size that fits your waist while zipped up. It can be a touch uncomfortable the first time you slide them on. However, jeans naturally stretch with wear, especially ones made with 100% denim.

Because apple shapes have a wider waist and more narrow hips, jeans should initially start out tight on the waist and be well-fitted on the hips and butt. As you stretch them out, the waistband will expand while the hips stay nice and tight. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with jeans that slip down all day–not fun!

Find Jeans With Your Perfect Rise

For most other body shapes like a pear or hourglass shape, high rise jeans are the only comfortable choice. However, people with an apple shaped body have more variety in the rise of jeans that work best for them.

Because apple shaped bodies have a less defined waist, you can wear most rises comfortably. Most people with an apple body shape do have shorter torsos, though. This means high rise jeans might come up too high on you, meaning they sit a lot higher than your belly button and the natural break of your waist. Low rise jeans might create a “muffin top,” which can be uncomfortable if it’s pinching you.

Mid rise jeans are a great option for an apple shape! They’re high enough to smooth out your silhouette, while low enough to sit comfortably on your tummy. Mid rise jeans with a wide waistband will be the most comfortable because they won’t pinch.

The Best Jeans for Apple Shapes Boost Your Confidence and Comfort

Finding the best jeans for apple shapes isn’t about hiding or minimizing a part of your body. It’s about finding jeans that make you feel confident and comfortable all day every day! Styles like wide, straight, slim, flared, and skinny do all of that and more.

Once you find the fit that works the best for your body and lifestyle, pay attention to the rise, pocket placement, and stretch fabric for the ultimate pair of denim!

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Megan Lemon

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