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Six Jeans Styles That Flatter an Hourglass Figure in 2023

Find the best jeans styles and style tips to flatter an hourglass figure.

Jeans That Flatter An Hourglass Figure

Hourglass, curvy, voluptuous, shapely – no matter what you call yourself, your beautiful curves deserve to be shown off! However, jeans can feel restrictive or uncomfortable if you don’t find the right pair for your hourglass figure. That’s why I’ve found them for you!

The best jeans for hourglass figures are high-waisted with skinny, straight, flared, or wide legs to show off or balance out your shape! Jeans made of stretch denim with reinforced pockets and smaller waist measurements are also going to make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Below I’ve listed out the best jeans for an hourglass body shape that have a flattering cut and a comfortable fit. I’ve also added some different ways to style each type to give you some hourglass outfit inspiration!

All of the jeans pictured are from one of our best sustainable denim brands, so you’ll not only be rocking comfortable and stylish jeans, but also eco-friendly ones!

What Styles of Jeans Will Best Suit Your Hourglass Figure?

When you have an hourglass figure, there are two main things to look for stylistically when buying jeans:

  • Jeans that emphasize your small waist
  • Bring balance to the proportions of your body type

However, I think it’s even more important to find comfortable jeans. Below, I’ve detailed the best jeans for hourglass figures keeping both style and comfort in mind!

High Waisted Jeans Accentuate Your Skinny Waist

The perfect jeans for hourglass shaped women are high rise jeans. They accentuate your waist, the narrowest point of your body while providing support to your tummy. They also won’t pinch your curvy hips, so you can sit comfortably all day long.

Warp & Weft Ase High Rise Straight Jeans
Warp & Weft Ase High Rise Straight Jeans (Image by

No matter what type of jeans you like, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you with a high rise!

Etica Cindy Organic Cotton High Rise Skinny Jeans
Etica Cindy Organic Cotton High Rise Skinny Jeans (Image by

To give even more length to your hourglass shape, wear high rise jeans with heels!

Boot Cut or Flared Jeans Add Symmetry

Because hourglass figures have equal width shoulders and hips, boot cut or flare jeans can balance your silhouette.

Boyish Ricky Jeans in Blue Steel
Boyish Ricky Jeans in Blue Steel (Image by

Both of these styles are fitted through the hips to the knee and then have some extra width in the lower half. This width adds symmetry to your body shape, while also allowing more freedom and flexibility to move around comfortably–quite the win-win!

Madewell Plus High-Rise Flare Jeans in Eversfield Wash
Madewell Plus High-Rise Flare Jeans in Eversfield Wash (Image by

To highlight your curves, choose a form-fitting top to pair with your flare jeans.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are making a comeback and that’s good news for us hourglass shape girls! They go by quite a few different names: mom jeans, 90’s jeans, girlfriend jeans, or boyfriend jeans to name a few. But they all have one thing in common: a straight cut from the hip to the leg opening. 

Outerknown Liberty Straight Jeans (2)
Outerknown Liberty Straight Jeans (Image by

The trick to finding the best straight leg jeans for an hourglass figure is to avoid bulkier styles in favor of slimmer cut pairs. You’ll want to find pairs that have a defined waist and tight fit along your hips. 

Outerknown Liberty Straight Jeans
Outerknown Liberty Straight Jeans (Image by

Straight leg jeans can be worn super casually with a big t shirt or sweatshirt tucked in!

Wide Leg Jeans Can Balance Your Silhouette

As a curvy girl, you might be a little apprehensive about wide leg jeans. But I assure you, they’re an amazing choice for you! They add balance to your silhouette and are one of the most comfortable styles you’ll ever slip over your beautiful curves!

Everlane Wide Leg Jean
Everlane Wide Leg Jean (Image By

The wide leg flows from your full hips, so you’ll be able to move freely without restricting tight pant legs! Find a pair with a fitted waist for a non-baggy look.

Reformation Logan Ultra Hise Rise Wide Leg Jeans
Reformation Logan Ultra Hise Rise Wide Leg Jeans (Image by

For a fun night-out look, throw on a breezy crop top to accentuate all of your curves!

Wear Cropped Jeans to Add Length

Even though every mid-2000s cheesy makeover show told hourglass shaped women to avoid cropped pants, cropped jeans are actually fantastic! They can add length to your body shape and feel very breezy in the summer.

Etica Carine Straight Crop Jeans
Etica Carine Straight Crop Jeans (Image by

For comfort and style, avoid a skinny crop that can pinch your ankles and break up your silhouette. Instead, opt for a cropped straight leg or flare jean.

Madewell Plus Cali Demi-Boot Jeans
Madewell Plus Cali Demi-Boot Jeans (Image by

Or grab lunch with friends in a billowy top and your favorite pair of sandals!

Skinny Jeans Show Off Your Figure

Wear skinny jeans if you want to show off every inch of that beautiful hourglass figure! Skinny jeans are amazing for curvy women because they have a very defined waist, curvy bum support, and stretch denim to hug your thighs and legs.

Everlane Way-High Skinny Jean
Everlane Way-High Skinny Jean (Image by

Skinny jeans are all about tightness, so it’s important to find the perfect fit to avoid discomfort or bunching at the knees. Do a quick squat in the fitting room to test them out. Your jeans should allow you to bend all the way without sliding down. If you can’t find any like that, check out my tip below for finding curvy fit jeans!

Outland High-Rise Harriet Jeans
Outland High-Rise Harriet Jeans (Image by

Go for a boxy sweater on top tucked in for a cozy way to dress up your hourglass shape!

Additional Tips for the Best Jeans for Hourglass Figure

Finding the best jeans for your hourglass figure goes beyond just style. There are a few other things to pay attention to:

1. Find Jeans with Reinforced Front Pockets

If you find jeans uncomfortable on your stomach, look at how the front pockets are sewn in.  Most brands’ pockets are not stitched in, which doesn’t provide any tummy support and can bunch up weirdly.

Instead, look for jeans with front pockets that are sewn into the side seam for a full-on comfy support panel. This will also get rid of any weird bunching or buckling.

2. Pay Attention to the Back Pockets

Now that you have your front pockets in order, it’s time to turn around to inspect the placement of the back pockets.

Back pockets should sit in the center of the fullest part of your butt and should be big enough to cover more than 50% of each side. Too-wide pockets can make your butt look even more voluminous than it is, while small pockets can make your glorious booty look flatter.

3. Look for Stretch Denim Blends

Every style listed above is only as good as the denim blend used to make them. For us hourglass figures, quality stretch denim makes all the difference in the world both for comfort and style.

Look for jeans made with TENCEL™ Lyocell, a sustainable fiber made from Eucalyptus wood fibers for eco-friendly stretch denim.

4. Find Curvy Fit Jeans

Denim brands are finally making curvy fit jeans with contoured waistbands that fit you in all the right places. The main difference between a curvy fit and a regular fit in the same style is just a narrower waist to avoid gaping at the waistband.

Many sustainable brands like Madewell and Everlane are now making their classic styles in a curvy fit! If you always have trouble finding jeans that fit everywhere, these collections are great!

5. Tailor Your Jeans

Hem your jeans to fall right above or at your ankle, so you’re not swimming in extra fabric. And if you can’t find jeans that work with your entire body, grab a size up from your normal size and head to the tailor. They can take in at the waist and along your curves, so they fit like a glove!

The Best Jeans for Hourglass Shapes Help You Rock What You Got

The bottom line is that jeans should not make you feel bad. If your body type is an hourglass shape, then you should choose jeans that make you feel like the beautiful, confident person you are! Show off your defined waist, thick thighs, and gorgeous curves without worry.

The jeans above all work WITH your body, not against it. You can highlight your hourglass figure in skinny, straight leg, flare, or wide leg jeans with a high waist for extra comfort! It’s up to you and what makes you feel the most beautiful.

Megan Lemon

Megan Lemon

Megan is a sustainability writer based in Fiji, where she lives with her partner in the house they built themselves. In her free time, she free dives, spear fishes, and takes long walks on the dirt roads.