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Best Jeans for a Pear Shaped Figure (Top 6 Styles)

Discover the best jean styles for flattering a pear shaped body.

Jeans Styles That Flatter Pear Shaped Figure Featured

Are you Shakira? Because your hips do not lie! All corniness aside–if you’re rocking a pear shaped body, you’ve got hips and thighs for days. But because of this, it can be difficult to find jeans that fit your butt and your waist. That’s where I come in. I’ll help you find jeans that fit your body to perfection, so you can feel confident and comfortable!

The best jeans for pear shape bodies work with your generous hips. High-rise jeans will give comfort and support to your hip and stomach area. Bootcut, flare, and wide-leg jeans will balance out your silhouette, while slim fit and straight leg jeans will show off every inch of your beauty. 

Below you’ll find my recommendations for jeans AND extra styling and fit tips. That way you can feel and look your best as you take on the world! Plus, all jeans that I recommend are from our best sustainable denim brands, so you can rest assured knowing your jeans are good for you and the planet!

What Styles of Jeans Will Best Suit Your Pear Shaped Body?

The best jeans for pear shapes will support your hips, thighs, and stomach. Plus, styles like flare, bootcut, and wide-leg jeans add balance to your silhouette with extra width below your thighs. If you want a sleeker look, straight leg or slim fit jeans are comfier than skinny jeans and look more polished. These styles are the starting point for finding comfortable jeans that make you look and feel great!

High Rise Jeans Create a Smooth Silhouette

Because you’ve got such luscious hips, high rise waist jeans are ideal for you. While mid and low rise jeans will cut you off right at your widest point, higher rise jeans follow the natural curves of your body. That way, there’s no uncomfortable pinching!

AGOLDE Criss Cross Straight Jeans (image by amour vert)
AGOLDE Criss Cross Straight Jeans (image by

Also, because your widest point is your hips, a high waist pair will prevent any sagging or sliding down of your jeans. That means no plumbers crack for you!

Grab a fun twist on high waist jeans like the Amour Vert Criss Cross Straight Jean. Its unique contoured waistband adds a new level of interest to your outfit, while the high waist accentuates your small waist!

Flare Jeans Add Balance to a Pear Shape Figure

With pear shaped bodies, flare jeans are miracle workers for bringing balance to your silhouette. By adding width to your lower leg, your hips and thighs look more proportionate. It also helps elongate your shape by adding a visual interest below your hips.

Boyish Jeans Ricky in Moonfleet
Boyish Jeans Ricky in Moonfleet (image by

The length of flare jeans is really important for pear shapes. If they stop right at the ankle, they can look ill-fitting. Instead, opt for a trendy pair of cropped kick flares for a casual look. Or find a pair that lands 1” or less off the ground. This longer look is a great way to wear jeans in a dressier style.

Grab a dark wash or black pair like Boyish’s The Ricky in Moonfleet for the ultimate pair of dress-up jeans. Paired with heels and a nice top, they make a great going out or dinner outfit. The high waist button fly adds a touch of style and emphasizes the contoured waistband perfectly.

Bootcut Jeans Subtly Streamline Your Pear Shape Body

Bootcut denim works very similarly to flare jeans, but a little more subtly. The slight extra width at the bottom, combined with a tight fit over your curvy hips and thighs, creates a streamlined silhouette. They make fantastic everyday jeans for errands, lunches, and whatever else you get up to.

Reformation Peton High Rise Bootcut Jeans
Peton High Rise Bootcut Jeans by Reformation (image by

Bootcut jeans are especially an amazing option for shorter women. Flare or wide-leg jeans might drown your shorter body shape in extra fabric, but bootcut are just subtle enough to work for you.

To elongate your body shape, grab a long pair to wear with heels. Then add a cropped shirt or sweater to emphasize your defined waist. A dark wash pair is fancy enough for a nice dinner, while a lighter wash pair is casual enough for errands!

Wide-Leg Jeans Accentuate Your Defined Waist

Wide-leg jeans are amazing for pear shape bodies because they accentuate your waist and hips. They sit high on your waist and then follow your hips down until the top of your thighs. From there, they’ll flare out. Some are super wide, while others are more casual.

etica iris relaxed taper
Irish Relaxed Taper by Etica (image by

If you’re scared of adding width to your thighs, don’t be. First of all, look at all of the amazing places those thighs have taken you. Secondly, the wide leg balances out your proportions for a smooth silhouette.

Embrace your pear body shape with wide-leg white jeans. Yes… I said white jeans. Even though most outdated magazines will tell you that dark washes are the only option for women with wider hips, ignore them! Jeans like the Etica Iris Relaxed Taper are fresh, fun, and will look so good on you. Pair them with a crisp white tee and black shoes to play up the contrast!

Straight Leg Jeans Are Great for Thicker Thighs

Mom jeans, 90s jeans, boyfriend jeans–whatever you want to call them, they’re awesome for pear shapes! With a straight fit from your hip to your ankle, they add width below your widest part, which accentuates your waist.

Nudie Jeans Breezy Britt in Friendly Blue
Nudie Jeans Breezy Britt in Friendly Blue (image by

Plus, they’re super comfy with more room in the thighs, hips, and legs, which makes it easier to be on the go in them. A slightly cropped pair also elongates your shape and shows off your ankles.

To fully embrace the 90s, pair your “mom jeans” with your freshest white sneakers and a tucked-in white t-shirt! The Nudie Jeans Breezy Britt in Friendly Blue is the ultimate throwback denim. They’re great for running errands or going out for lunch.

Slim Fit Jeans Are a More Tailored Look Than Skinny Jeans

If you like skinny jeans, you’ll love slim fit jeans. The difference between skinny and slim fit jeans is that slim fit jeans have slightly more room in the leg and ankle. Like the other styles listed above, this brings more symmetry to your shape.

Outerknown Generation Slim Selvedge
Outerknown Generation Slim Selvedge (image by

Slim fit jeans are super chic, sleek, and easy to style casually or more professionally. Just like straight leg jeans, cropped slim fit jeans adds length to your shape. A black pair is especially great for my pear shapes because the dark color accentuates your curves.

For the perfect casual Friday look, pair some non-distressed slim fit jeans like the Outerknown Generation Slims with heels and a button-down shirt tucked in. It’s comfortable and professional!

Additional Tips for the Best Jeans for Pear Shape Figure

To find the truly perfect pair of jeans for pear shapes, you have to go beyond just style. Here are some other things to keep in mind to find comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting jeans:

Find Brands With Curvy Fits

One of the main issues that people with a pear shape figure face with jeans is finding a pair that fits in both the hips and waist. That’s where curvy fit jeans come in. They’re specifically made for pear shaped women, who have wider hips compared to a smaller waist, to prevent gapping.

Everlane Curvy 90s Cheeky Jean
Everlane Curvy 90s Cheeky Jean (image by

Curvy jeans will have a larger butt and thigh area with a narrower waist. Not every brand offers jeans like these that are made for pear shaped bodies. However, sustainable brands like Madewell and Everlane do, so you don’t have to choose between sustainability and the perfect fit of jeans.

If You’re Between Sizes, Choose the Smaller One

Denim is made primarily of cotton, which means it will stretch a bit as you wear them. Pear shapes have to worry about the annoying gap between your waist and the waistband of jeans because many jeans don’t take into account large hips with a smaller waist.

Find a pair that fits on your waist well, but is a little tight on your hips and thighs. This way, your jeans will stretch to fit your hips, while the waist remains fitted. If you choose a larger size, you’ll be pulling up your pants every five minutes after your first wear.

Look for Jeans Made with Stretch Denim

Denim blends made with cotton and some type of stretch material are going to allow your jeans to comfortably hug all of your curves. Because a pear shaped body holds more weight in the hip and thigh area, it’s important to have denim that will stretch. That way, your jeans will fit your waist and your hips with gapping.

Most styles, like slim fit or skinny jeans, are almost always made with stretchy denim, but mom jeans and wide leg jeans are more often made with 100% cotton. It adds more structure to the shape of the jeans, but it’s less comfortable and less flexible.

Some brands use nylon or spandex but look for denim blends that use TENCEL™ Lyocell. It’s a sustainable and soft material made from bamboo.

Choose the Right Length for Your Jeans

Finding the perfect-fitting jeans is about more than just the waistband. Length of jeans is super important for a tailored, elongating look.

Because the pear body shape is widest at the hips, too-cropped jeans can make you look shorter than you are. Plus, it can emphasize your proportions in a way that might not be that comfortable. Too long of jeans can swallow you and bring the focus of your outfit to your feet.

If you wanted a cropped jean look, they should end right at the top of your ankle bone. This will highlight your ankles and footwear of choice while also elongating your look. This is a great length for tighter styles like slim fit, straight leg, and skinny jeans!

If you’re wearing flare or bootcut jeans that are full-length, they should stop about 1 inch from the ground. If you typically wear heels with jeans, make sure you take that into consideration when shopping or hemming.

Pay Attention to the Pockets

For the most comfortable and flattering jeans, pocket construction is key. Both the front and back pockets can make a huge difference!

Front pockets should be sewn into the side and zipper seams on the pants. When they’re sewn in, they create a panel that flattens, smooths, and supports. This is great for pear shaped women with wider hips.

ABLE Whitney Boyfriend
ABLE Whitney Boyfriend Jeans (image by

Back pockets are all about placement. Perfectly placed pockets will sit at the most voluminous part of your butt. Too close together and they’ll add extra width. Too far apart and your gorgeous backside will look flatter than a pancake! They should be large enough to cover over 50% of each cheek to emphasize but not overwhelm your assets.

The Best Jeans for Pear Shapes Emphasize All of Your Natural Beauty

Remember–jeans don’t have to be “flattering” or “slimming,” whatever that even means anyway. They have to work with your body to support, comfort, and make you feel confident. These styles of jeans follow your natural curves the most comfortably, which means you won’t have to be thinking about or adjusting your outfit all day!

Megan Lemon

Megan Lemon

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