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Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes With Normal Feet?

Learn 5 tips to help wide fit shoes fit your normal feet comfortably.

Wide Fit Shoes For Normal Feet Featured

Did you fall in love with a pair of wide fit shoes, but you have typical-width feet?

The good news is, you can often get away with wearing wide fit shoes with normal feet by using insoles or thick soles, and shoes with laces and slim-fitted uppers can also feel comfortable even if they are too wide.

However, wearing wide shoes that don’t fit your feet may lead to improper support, sore feet, and blisters. Below, we discuss 5 ways to make wide shoes fit typical-width feet comfortably. Let’s get started:

1. Insert Insoles

Insoles and footbeds are designed to accommodate wider feet, flat feet, high arches, and other shapes and needs. If you have typical-width feet, add a pair for footbeds so your feet will be supported even if you’re wearing a wide width shoe. 

A woman uses bright yellow insoles to help her wide fit shoes fit better
Insoles can help too-wide shoes fit snugger and more comfortably

If you have average width feet and often feel soreness near the ball of your foot, you may need additional support in the toe box area, especially if you are fitting standard feet in a pair of shoes with a wide toe box or bridge. 

Our Recommendations:

  • Performance Medium With Met Pad: These orthopedic-approved ReCORK footbeds are designed to mold to the unique shape of your foot. They promote natural foot alignment, reduce pain, and fit any shoe size.
  • Cascadia High Arch Insoles: Whether you wear wide fit shoes or medium width shoes, Tread and Butter insoles are designed for all-day comfort! These insoles may just be the extra layer of cushioning you need to wear wider shoes. 
  • The Classic Insole: Fulton insoles are designed by doctors — built for custom comfort. These insoles are widely popular in treating back, knee, and foot pain. Even if you have narrow feet and wear shoes made for wide feet, Fulton insoles will provide proper support and reduce your pain.

2. Wear Thick Socks

If you have wide fit shoes but narrow feet, add a pair of thick socks, which will better prevent your feet from slipping and rubbing. Similar to when you’re trying to make big shoes fit smaller, cushioned socks act as a secondary lining for your shoes. 

Look for companies that use cruelty-free, ZQ-Certified Merino wool or other breathable materials so that your feet will feel snug & comfy without feeling stuffy & sweaty. 

Our Recommendations:

  • Women’s Hike Light Cushion Low Ankle Socks: The 4 Degree Elite Fit System in these Smartwool ankle socks prevents socks from slipping and your feet from blisters. With the lightweight cushioning, your narrow feet will feel extra comfortable in wide shoes.
  • Lightweight Merino Performance Anklet Socks: These lightweight ankle socks by Patagonia are perfect for running, hiking, and everyday activity! These lightly cushioned, RWS-Certified wool socks are made with animal welfare and customer comfort in mind!

3. Add a Pair of Heel Grips or Liners

Whether you have wide feet or not, heel grips can help reduce the space in your heels or dress shoes so that your shoes fit your feet more securely. However, sometimes heel grips are not enough — and when it comes to wearing heels, it’s not worth sacrificing balance and safety over style. 

Instead, if you’re consistently struggling to find shoes to fit your narrow feet, consider consulting a cobbler for resizing options — or use a service that allows you to customize your shoes! 

Our Recommendations:

  • Heel Grips: These heel grips by Vegetarian Shoes may be the quick fix you need to prevent rubbing, digging, or blistering in your favorite pair of pumps, stilettos, dress shoes, or high-heeled boots!
  • Design Your Shoes: Solely Original is an online shoe tailoring company where you can customize your unique style and shoe size! Whether you have narrow or wide feet, Solely Original gives you the freedom to design your shoes to be as unique as the step of your foot!

4. Avoid Slip-On Shoes & Opt For Laces Instead

Extra-width slip-on shoes are not the best for narrow feet because they offer very little support. By design, slip-on shoes slide easily onto your feet, making them easier to slide off. If your feet move around too easily in your shoes, it will lead to rubbing, irritation, and blisters. 

A pair of teal and white wide fit shoes with laces on a yellow background
Many shoes with laces can be made snug even when too wide

Instead, shop for lace-up shoe designs. If you prefer the simple, minimalist look of a slip-on shoe, look for casual sneakers with fewer eyelets to lace, exposing the upper bridge of your foot to create a cute, feminine look!

Our Recommendations:

  • Tree Skipper: These breezy boat shoes by Allbirds feature uppers made with FSC-Approved eucalyptus fibers and odor & moisture-wicking insoles. This breathable summer style is the perfect casual shoe whether you have wide or narrow feet.
  • Sixty Six Sneaker: These white slim-fitted sneakers by SeaVees are minimalist, sustainable, and versatile for every foot shape and style. Pair these chic white sneakers with a classic pair of denim jeans or your favorite dress.

5. Wear Shoes With Slim-Fitted Fabrics

Shoes made with laces and slim-fitted uppers will form around the bridge of your foot to create a customizable, comfortable fit. Fabrics like mesh, canvas, and recycled plastic are ideal when trying to find shoes that don’t depend on foot length or width to fit comfortably.

Look for casual sneakers with high-quality insoles and outsoles so you don’t have to compromise support for that sleek-fitted style.

Our Recommendations:

  • Canyon Night Blue: These Tropicfeel sneakers are extraordinarily comfortable for all foot widths! These sporty running shoes feature waterproof uppers, which are made with recycled plastic bottles — designed to flex around your feet while offering structured support. 
  • The Zilker (Men’s): Suavs’s slim-fitted footwear styles are made with moisture-wicking materials. The flexible uppers stretch around your feet to offer just the right amount of super while maintaining a minimalist chic look.


Whether you’re shopping for wide or narrow shoes to accommodate your comfort and unique style, consider orthopedic solutions like inserting a pair of SOLE insoles or opting for flexible fabric uppers. These solutions promote all-day comfort, and optimal general health and will leave you loving your shoes for a lifetime! 

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