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The 10 Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands for 2023

Our roundup of our top sustainable swimwear brands - click to get ready for summer!

Sustainable Swimwear Brands Featured

There’s nothing like a refreshing dip on a warm day. But conventional swimsuits use synthetic materials like virgin nylon that releases microplastics into the ocean as you swim. So what’s a sustainable swimmer supposed to do? Buy eco-friendly swimwear!

Sustainable swimwear brands use recycled fabrics to create swimwear that protects our oceans instead of polluting them. Plus, they use eco-friendly and fair labor practices to make swimwear you’ll be proud to wear! With billions of pounds of trash entering the ocean every year, everyone has to do their part. 

I’ve rounded up the best sustainable swimsuits from swimwear brands that use certified materials like regenerated nylon made from plastic waste like old fishing line. Shopping sustainable swim has never been so easy!

Our Quick Picks for Your Next Sustainable Swimwear Brand

There’s good news for sustainable swimmers! Many brands are getting the hint and finally creating ethical swimwear that’s good for you and the planet. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Best for Men: Patagonia – comfortable and classic swimwear made by one of the most ethical brands.
  • Best for Women: Girlfriend Collective – size inclusive, cute swimsuits perfect for swimming, water sports, and long walks on the beach.
  • Best for Fashion: Carve Designs – sustainable swimwear made in adorable patterns and cuts.
  • Best for Water Sports: Outerknown – created by pro surfer, Kelly Slater, Outerknown knows how to make suits that work with you, not against you!

1. BOLD Swim – Inclusive, Sustainable Swimwear Brand for All (Men’s & Women’s)

Budget: $$$

Features: Biodegradable Yarn, Oeko-Tex Certified, Toxic Dye-Free, Small-Scale Production

Range includes: Women’s S-XXXL, Bikinis, Swim Shorts, Cover-Ups, Swim Shirts, Men’s Trunks, One Pieces

BOLD Swim is a leader in making sustainable bathing suits that look good! They make all of their swimwear with Amni Soul Eco® polyamide yarn, which is both biodegradable and has a low environmental impact production. It’s also free of any toxic dyes or chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about leaving a trail of toxins while you swim.

BOLD Swim Amethyst Allium Textured Bikini
Allium Textured Bikini Set by BOLD Swim (image by

Plus, BOLD Swim uses small-scale production, which means very little waste left over. They also ship all of their gorgeous goods in compostable bags. And they offset their carbon shipping footprint by planting trees through their partnership with ecodrive.

Our top pick: the Amethyst Allium Textured Bikini Set is the jewel-tone bikini of your dreams!

2. Summersalt – Eco-Friendly Bathing Suits Made From Recycled Fishing Nets (Men’s & Women’s)

Budget: $$

Features: Recycled Polyamide, UPF 50+ Protection, Chlorine Resistant, Size-Inclusive, Recycled Materials

Range includes: Men’s (S-XL), Women’s (0-26), and Kids Swimsuits (Infant-12), One Pieces, Bikinis, Swim Shorts, Cover-Ups

For cute bathings suits that are good for the planet, check out Summersalt. They make their swimwear with 78% recycled polyamide made from nylon waste like old fishing nets pulled from ocean waste. Also, they use packaging made with recycled materials!

Three women wearing Summersalt Sidestroke swimsuits at the beach
‘The Sidestroke’ by Summersalt (image by

A suit from Summersalt will last a long time thanks to their beach and UV proof fabrics. Their suits won’t wear out from sand, salt, sweat, or chlorine, even after 100+ hours of use, which means fewer suits going to the landfill every year!

Our top pick: you can’t go wrong with their iconic The Sidestroke suit, which was once called the “unicorn of swimsuits” by The Today Show!

3. Outerknown – Pro-Surfer Approved Sustainable Swimwear (Men’s & Women’s)

Budget: $$

Features: Fair Labor Practices, Living Wages, Recycled Polyester, Resale and Repair Programs, Transparent Supply Chain, Recycled Materials 

Range includes: Men’s Trunks (28-38), Women’s Suits (XS-L), Rash Guards, Bodysuits, Bikinis, One Pieces

Outerknown is a well-known sustainable brand and their swimwear line is no exception. Their circular business mode keeps clothes out of landfills with their resale, repair, and recycling programs. Plus, they use recycled polyester made from post consumer plastic bottles to make their swimsuits. 

Outerknown Apex Trunks by Kelly Slater
Designed by a world champion surfer! (image by

And if you’re concerned with the human impact of your swimwear, and not just the environmental impact, Outerknown will become a new favorite. All of their ethical production facilities are Fair Trade Certified™. 

Our top pick: The Apex Trunks were designed by 11x World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater himself!

4. Londre – Stylish Sustainable Swimsuits Made With recycled Textiles (Women’s Only)

Budget: $$

Features: Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles, Recycled Water, Repair Program, Oeko Tex Certified

Range includes: Women’s XS-5XL, One Pieces, Bikinis, Coverups

Londre makes all of their swimwear from at least 6 recycled plastic bottles, so you can swim easy knowing you’re helping keep our oceans clean! Plus, they recycle all the water used in production. And they’re only able to do that because there aren’t any harmful chemicals in it, a win-win!

Woman wearing a black Londre Minimalist Swimsuit in front of a plain background
The Minimalist – a true classic (image by

The center of their entire business model is sustainability including their repair program, which lets you keep rocking their designs longer! They also only produce swimwear in small batches to minimize waste. 

Our top pick: The Minimalist is a classic suit you could wear for years and never look out of style! 

5. Vitamin A – Sustainable Bathing Suits Made From Plant-Based and Recycled Materials (Women’s Only)

Budget: $$$

Features: 1% For The Planet, Recycled Materials, Low-Waste Materials, Renewable Energy Production, Recycled Nylon

Range includes: Women’s XS-L (including a D-cup size), Bikinis, One Pieces, Long-Sleeve Swim Tees

Vitamin A founder, Amahlia, didn’t take no for an answer when she first set out on creating swimwear from recycled fibers. After mills kept saying it was impossible, she made it herself with EcoLux™, made from recycled nylon. They also use other sustainable materials like linen, GOTS certified organic cotton, and hemp to make their swim apparel.

Model Wearing Rossi Long Sleeve Swim Tee in Black Superrib
This long sleeve swim tee is a stylish way to cover up (image by

Beyond using eco-friendly materials, they also produce all of their swimwear in factories with very strict environmental standards including reduced water use, minimized waste practices, and low carbon emissions. And they routinely give money to environmental projects like ocean conservation efforts to help keep the planet healthy. 

Our top pick: The Rossi Long Sleeve Swim Tee will protect your arms from a nasty burn while bumping your chicness up to a whole new level! 

6. Patagonia – Sustainably Made Swimsuits from Well Known Eco-Conscious Brand  (Men’s & Women’s)

Budget: $$

Features: Recycled Materials, Fair Trade Certified™, 1% For The Planet, Recycled Nylon, Certified B Corp

Range includes: Men’s (28-44), Women’s (XS-XL), Kids, Rash Guards, Board Shorts, Bikinis, One Pieces

You can’t talk about sustainable swimwear brands without mentioning Patagonia. They make high-quality bathing suits with recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and low-impact dyes. And they makes all of their sustainable swimsuits eco-friendly factories that emit fewer greenhouse gases and pay fair wages to their garment workers. 

Patagonia Mens Baggies Swim
Stylishly understated – Patagonia’s ‘Baggies’ for men (image by

Plus, not only are they part of the 1% For The Planet alliance, the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, actually started it. And as of September 2022, Chouinard transferred ownership of the entire company to a trust that fights climate change. 

Our top pick: the iconic Men’s Baggies™ Shorts are perfect for swimming, surfing, and suntanning. 

7. Do Good Swimwear – Eco-Friendly Surf-Ready Bathing Suits (Women’s Only)

Budget: $$

Features: Regenerated Nylon, Small Batch Production, Low-Waste Manufacturing, Repair and Recycle Program, Carbon Offsetting

Range includes: Women’s S-XL, Two Pieces, Rash Guards, One Pieces

Do Good Swimwear does just that with their ethical swimwear line made of ECONYL® yarn. This yarn is made of recycled post consumer waste nylon from trash like fishing nets and industrial plastics. They also use deadstock fabrics to keep textiles out of landfills. 

Surfer surfing while wearing orange Do Good Swimwear Jazzy High Waist Bottoms
Do Good’s Jazzy High Waist Bottoms in action! (image by

They consciously produce all of their ethical swimwear in small batches to avoid excess waste and ensure a high-quality, durable product. But if you do break a strap or snag a tear, their repair program allows you to get it fixed easily! 

Our top pick: for extra support and coverage, try the ultra-comfy Jazzy High Waist Bottoms!

8. Carve Designs – Sustainable Swimwear Made From Recycled Plastics That Look and Feel Great (Women’s Only)

Budget: $$

Features: Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles, Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Compostable and Biodegradable Packaging, 

Range includes: Women’s XS-XL, Bikinis, Board Shorts, Tankinis, One Pieces, Coverups, Rash Guards

Carve Designs makes their entire swimwear line out of recycled plastic bottles. In fact, one swimsuit uses five plastic bottles that would otherwise be in landfills or the ocean! For their apparel like swim shorts and coverups, they use other sustainable materials like coconut balsa, which is made from old coconut husks.

Model wearing All Day One Piece by Carve Designs
The All Day One Piece by Carve Designs (image by

As part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, they prioritize eco-friendly practices across their business model with 100% plant-based and compostable packaging.

Our top pick: for full on protection from the sun and surf, try the All Day One Piece!

9. Girlfriend Collective – Size Inclusive, Eco-Friendly Swimwear Made From Regenerated Nylon (Women’s Only)

Budget: $$

Features: Regenerated Nylon, Recycled Fabrics, UV Resistant, Size Inclusive, Ethical Production Model, Healthy Seas Partner

Range includes: Women’s XXS-6XL, Bikinis, One Pieces 

For a cute, sustainable swimsuit, Girlfriend Collective has you covered. Best known for their athleisure, they make comfy, supportive swimwear in classic styles from regenerated nylon. And for every swimsuit you buy from them, they’ll give 1% to Healthy Seas, a nonprofit that cleans up our oceans!

Woman wearing the Proven Palma Plunge Bikini Top by Girlfriend Collective in front of a plain background
The Proven Palma Plunge top by Girlfriend Collective (image by

Their business model puts sustainability first, which you can see on each product page with their individual sustainability report. You get to see how much oil was conserved, CO2 prevented, and energy saved for every cute bathing suit you buy! 

Our top pick: the Provence Palma Plunge Top is the ultimate sustainable bikini top — sexy, cool, and good for the planet!

10. Salomé – Sexy and Sustainable Swimwear Made in the Dominican Republic (Women’s Only)

Budget: $$

Features: Women-Owned, ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, Chlorine and UV Resistant, Recycled Water

Range includes: Women’s XS-XL, Bikinis, Coverups, One Pieces

Ethically produced by women in the Dominican Republic, Salomé makes swimwear you can feel (and look) good in! Made with ECONYL® recycled nylon material, it’s super durable while still being ultra-soft. 

Woman wearing Salome Anacaonda Swim Top in a tropical location while covering face with giant leaf
Get tropical with the Anacaona Top by Salomé (image by

They put the planet first by reducing water usage, minimizing waste, and using recycled chemicals to keep their footprint as small as possible. Plus, when you buy from Salomé, you’re supporting the women who make their swimwear in the DR! 

Our top pick: for a flirty beach day with minimal coverage, check out the Anacaona Top!

Megan Lemon

Megan Lemon

Megan is a sustainability writer based in Fiji, where she lives with her partner in the house they built themselves. In her free time, she free dives, spear fishes, and takes long walks on the dirt roads.