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Sustainable jeans are made in ways that minimize their environmental impact, in particular using production methods that minimize water use. A typical pair of jeans uses as much as X,000 liters of water to make, while sustainable methods may use as a little as Y,000 liters.

Check out the articles below for buyers guides, as well as guides to denim care and other jeans questions below:

Style Guides


20 Best Sustainable Denim Brands for Ethical Living (2023)

Discover the top sustainable jeans brands around the globe. Rock your jeans and protect the planet!

Six Jeans Styles That Flatter an Hourglass Figure in 2023

Find the best jeans styles and style tips to flatter an hourglass figure.

Best Jeans for a Pear Shaped Figure (Top 6 Styles)

Discover the best jean styles for flattering a pear shaped body.

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body Types

Discover the best jeans styles that flatter an apple shape body type.

Style Questions


How Many Pairs of Jeans Should I Own?

Find out how many pairs of jeans is considered acceptable while maintaining a reasonably low-impact lifestyle.

Why Do Jeans Bunch at the Knees? (5 Solutions)

Find out why your jeans bunch at the knees and just what you can do about it with our five solutions.

Why Are My Jeans So Uncomfortable?

Why are your jeans so uncomfortable? Discover 3 reasons – and what you can do about it.

Slim vs Skinny Jeans: Which Should You Wear?

Our guide to the differences between slim and skinny jeans and which you should choose.

Denim Care


How to Dry Jeans Fast (5 Quick and Easy Methods)

Learn 5 quick and easy methods to dry your jeans quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Why Do My Jeans Rip at the Crotch? (6 Solutions)

Learn why your denim is vulnerable to crotch blowouts – and what you can do about it to fix or prevent the problem.

Why Your Jeans Smell (3 Common Reasons + Solutions)

Discover the three common reasons behind stinky jeans and what you can do about it.

Can You Wash Jeans With Towels? (Don’t do it!)

Find out why we recommend you don’t wash jeans with towels and what you should do instead.

Other Questions


Every Type of Jeans Compared

Learn how small changes in cut, fit, rise, and other measurements create distinctive jeans styles. Which is your favorite?

How Much Do Jeans Weigh?

Find out how much a pair of jeans weigh, as well as what brands mean when they call jeans lightweight, midweight or heavyweight.