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Furniture & Furnishings Buyers Guides

If you’re purchasing new, sustainable furniture and furnishings are rarely the cheap option (it it was, more companies would be sustainable!). If you’re going to spend all that money, it’s important that you select the right piece!

Below, we’ve provided guides to purchasing furniture that will help you make your decision:

Furniture Guides


18 Best Sustainable Furniture Brands For Your Home in 2023

Learn about the sustainable furniture brands we recommend you check out in 2023!

14 Stunning Sustainable Tables For Your Home in 2023

Discover 14 exceptional sustainable tables for use in your home

Other Buyers Guides


How to Choose The Best Wood For Your Table Top

Learn how to choose the right wood for your table top, a decision that will effect not only the look of your table, but also its durability and usability.

Oak vs Maple Flooring – Which is Best?

Discover the differences between oak and maple hardwood flooring

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