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18 Best Sustainable Furniture Brands For Your Home in 2023

Learn about the sustainable furniture brands we recommend you check out in 2023!

Sustainable Furniture Featured

Sustainable and eco-friendly furniture brands offer an ethical alternative to fast furniture, helping cut down on household furniture waste and reduce the amount of toxic substances and unsustainable materials that enter into our homes.

In recent years, fast furniture has led to furniture waste rising above 12 million tons. Like fast fashion, fast furniture is a significant risk to our planet, but by buying sustainable furniture you can do your bit to help save the environment.

Below, we’ve listed 18 ethical furniture brands that use socially and environmentally sustainable practices and high-quality manufacturing methods, which enables them to create furniture that is good for the environment and can last for decades.

We’ve chosen these eco friendly furniture companies because they use sustainably-sourced materials and fair hiring practices, so they’re not just good for the environment, but also for people. In addition to responsibly sourced and recycled materials, many use low-VOC finishes, use ethical production practices, and are fair trade. When you purchase from one of these brands, you are not only improving your home decor, but you are also helping the planet and helping others earn a fair wage.

Quick Picks: The 5 Best Sustainable Furniture Brands We Recommend

Here’s a rundown of our top sustainable furniture brands. Click to view their website or scroll down to read detailed overviews of each one.

1. Burrow – Best Sustainable Furniture Company for Modular Seating

Budget: $$$
Features: US-based, Sustainably-Sourced Wood, Non-Toxic Fabrics, Recycled Packaging

Burrow Nomad Fabric Sectional Sofa
Burrow Nomad Sectional Sofa (image by

Burrow, a USA-based furniture company, started with their collection of eco-friendly modular seating but has now expanded to include shelves and tables. Their contemporary and light designs look great in any home – this is sustainable style at its best.

By producing their pieces locally, and shipping direct-to-consumer, Burrow reduces both shipping costs and pollution. Their furniture uses sustainably-sourced hardwood, non-toxic fabrics, and recyclable packaging materials to keep their footprint low. With a focus on durability and build quality, Border designs eco-friendly pieces that will last for generations.

Range: Burrow’s eco-friendly furniture includes accent tables, armchairs, leather seating, loveseats, ottomans, sectionals, side tables, shelves, sleepers, sofas.
Out top picks: Burrow is known for the Nomad seating collection – comfy, customizable sofas that are sustainably made (see image above). Choose from five fabric colors, six leg finishes, and three arm styles. Available as a 2-seater, 3-seater, all the way up to an 8-seater. Optional extras include moveable chaise, ottoman, sleep kit, and bolster pillows.
Financing: Yes

2. Mater – Environmentally-Friendly Scandi Furniture

Budget: $$$$
Features: FSC-certified wood, recycled and upcycled materials

Mater Lounge Furniture
Furniture by Mater (image by

Mater is a Copenhagen-based ethical furniture company that produces a wide range of sustainable furniture products, including seating, tables, outdoor furniture, and bar furniture, from eco friendly materials.

Their use of ethical materials and responsible production practices makes them an easy recommendation, especially when you take into account their stunning designs and focus on great craftsmanship and durability – these pieces will last you a lifetime.

The majority of their eco-friendly collection is ethically made using FSC-certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council), and they frequently use locally sourced recycled and upcycled waste materials – including car parts! – in their designs.

Range: Barstools, bowl tables, dining chairs & tables, lounge chairs, lounge tables, rockers, outdoor furniture, sofas.
Out top picks: We love Mater’s range of bowl tables as well as this stunning rocker.
Financing: Yes

3. The Citizenry – Handmade Products From Around The World

Budget: $$$$
Features: Ethical furniture, fair wages, fair trade practices, 10% of proceeds go back into communities

The Citizenry Tara Rattan Lounge Chair
Tara Rattan Lounge Chairs by The Citizenry (image by

The Citizenry focuses on and celebrates the people behind its items. This sustainable furniture brand brings together eco-friendly handmade products from a wide range of artists & designers from around the world, including Chile, Vietnam, Japan, and Portugal, and provides them for sale in small batches of limited edition pieces.

The Citizenry is committed to fair trade, fair wages, and supporting good working environments. They only work with furniture manufacturers and artisan communities that create ethically made furniture. Additionally, The Citizenry invests 10% of its proceeds back into these communities.

Range: Chairs, coffee tables, headboards, nightstands, ottomans, poufs, stools.
Out top picks: Our top pick has to be the Lindu Cane Lounge Chair (pictured above), which has been handcrafted in a fair trade workshop in Indonesia from natural manau rattan and cane.
Financing: No

4. PlushBeds – Sustainable Beds, Mattresses, & Bedding

Budget: $$$
Features: Certified organic materials, renewable wood, Rainforest Alliance Certification, GreenGuard Certified & more

PlushBeds Scoresby Designer Bed
Scoresby Bed by PlushBeds (image by

PlushBeds is an eco-friendly mattress company that sells its own range of sustainable beds, mattresses, toppers, and bedding. The company uses certified organic materials and has an impressive range of certifications that include Rainforest Alliance Certification, GOTS, GOLS, and GreenGuard Certified (among others). They use renewable wood, are a Green America Certified Business and a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council.

This brand’s eco-conscious outlook extends beyond its sustainable furniture: PlushBeds also offer green scholarships for students undertaking eco-degrees such as biodiversity, ecology, forestry, environmental law, and many others.

Range: Beds, bedding, organic mattresses, toppers.
Out top picks: Pictured is the Scoresby Designer Bed, available in four sizes (Full, Queen, King, and Cal King), and five colors (charcoal, desert, oat, spruce, and stone).
Financing: Yes

5. Copeland Furniture – American-Made Sustainable Furniture

Budget: $$$$
Features: US-based, Sustainable-harvested American hardwoods, Safe Award for Environmental Excellence, Greenguard certified (low emission) varnishes

Copeland Furniture Astrid Bed
Astrid Bed by Copeland Furniture (image by

Founded in the early 1970s in Vermont, Copeland Furniture has grown from a one-man operation to an international supplier of high-quality eco-friendly furniture, including beds, dining tables & chairs, office furniture, and dressers. Still based in Vermont, Copeland Furniture uses sustainably-harvested hardwoods from the American Northern Forest to create its range of sustainable furniture.

Copeland Furniture is a recipient of Silver Exemplary Membership Status by the Sustainable Furnishing Council (SFC), a recipient of the Safe Award for Environmental Excellence, and uses varnish that is Greenguard-Certified for low chemical emissions. Copeland Furniture also has a 500kw solar array to help power their factory, enabling them to offset nearly one million pounds of CO2 emissions each year.

Range: Bar furniture, beds, bed frames, benches, bookcases, computer desks, desks, dining chairs, dining room tables,  coffee tables, dressers, kids furniture, office storage, platform beds, seating, side & end tables, stools.
Out top picks: The Astrid bed (pictured above) will look great as part of your home decor. This handmade, hand-finished bed is available in 11 different kinds of woods and in Queen, King, and Cal-King sizes.
Financing: Yes

6. Saatva – Low-Waste Sustainable Mattresses & Beds

Budget: $$$$
Features: Organic and natural materials, members of Sustainable Furnishings Council, former winner of Sustainability Product of the Year

Saatva Minori Bed Frame
Minori Bed Frame by Saatva (image by

Saatva is a sustainable mattress and bed manufacturer. Their materials include organic cotton, recycled steel, plant-based flame retardants and CertiPUR-US certified eco-friendly memory foam. Saatva further reduces its carbon footprint by operating a direct-to-consumer model, which cuts down on shipping and increases the sustainability of their products.

Saatva are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council and in 2018 their mattress was named Sustainability Product of the Year by the Business Intelligence Group.

Range: Beds, bed frames, mattresses
Out top picks: The Lineal Adjustable Base enables you to elevate your head and feet using a remote control and enjoy a massage from your own bed.
Financing: Yes

7. Skagerak – Danish Eco-Friendly Furniture Company

Budget: $$$$
Features: FSC-certified wood, fair pay, member of the UN Global Compact Act, certified b corp.

Skagerak Virkelyst 3-Seater Sofa
Virkelyst 3-seater by Skagerak (image by

Founded in 1976 in Denmark, Skagerak produces beautiful sustainable furniture for a global audience. It is a member of the UN Global Compact Act and B Corp, and is FSC-certified. Currently, 71% of their wood comes from FSC-certified forests, and they are working towards 100% sustainably sourced wood furniture.

With a global supply chain, Skagerak takes its commitment to its workers seriously, aiming to produce sustainable furniture that is fair to both the planet and humans. It is committed to the principles of fair pay, no discrimination, no child labor, and decent working hours for its employees and only works with partners who do the same.

Skagerak is available at Finnish Design Shop – the world’s largest store for Nordic-designed furniture and furnishing (ships globally).

Range: Armchairs, bar stools, benches, cabinets, deck chairs, desks, outdoor furniture, side tables, sofas, stools, tables, wood furniture.
Out top picks: The Virkelyst 3-seater sofa (pictured above) has been designed for outdoor use without sacrificing the comfort and quality you’d expect from indoor furniture.
Financing: Yes

8. Simbly – Contemporary Minimalist Furniture

Budget: $$$
Features: US-based, FSC-certified wood, eco-friendly packaging

Simbly Coffee Table
Simbly Coffee Table (image by

Made in the USA, Simbly creates beautiful tables and benches using responsibly harvested FSC-certified wood. They create their contemporary minimalist furniture using Appleply, a premium hardwood plywood that is strong, durable, and beautiful. By both harvesting their wood and manufacturing in the USA, they cut down on shipping and reduce their carbon footprint.

Simbly’s aim is to become the first climate-positive furniture company in the world. In addition to using FSC-certified wood, they also use eco-friendly packaging, ship flat-pack to reduce emissions (more product per truck), and promise to plant a tree for every product a customer buys. Simbly is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which means they donate 1% of their revenue to environmental causes.

Other benefits of shopping at Simbly include free shipping and returns and a 100-day return option.

Range: Simbly offer a bench, coffee table, dining tables, and desk/kitchen table in their signature contemporary design.
Out top picks: With similar styles across their four products, pick whichever is best for your situation. We like the Simbly Dining Table in Walnut, which would make a great focal point for your dining room.
Financing: Yes

9. Nikari – Eco-Conscious Finnish Craftsmanship

Budget: $$$$
Features: Responsibly-sourced wood, hydro-powered factory, recycle packaging, certified natural finishes

Nikari December Lounge Chair
December Lounge Chair by Nikari (image by

Nikari’s simple and beautiful sustainable furniture products are created using traditional Finnish craftsmanship from their workshop in south-west Finland. They use responsibly-sourced wood, power their workshop and offices with hydropower, and deliver using recyclable packing. They treat their sustainable wood with certified natural oil mixtures, soaps, and waxes.

Like many Nordic furniture brands, Nikari is available at Finnish Design Shop – the world’s largest store for Nordic-designed furniture and furnishing (ships globally).

Range: Bar chairs, bar stools, benches, cabinets, lounge chairs, ottomans, tables, space dividers.
Out top picks: The December lounge chair’s (pictured above) simple and natural styling would look good as part of your home decor. Made in Finland and available in Ask or Oak with a linen or leather seat.
Financing: Yes

10. Masaya & Co. – Plants 100 Trees For Every Product Sold

Budget: $$$$
Features: Eco-friendly furniture made from renewable hardwoods, plant 100 trees for every product sold.

Masaya & Co Chontales Dining Chair San Geronimo Pattern
Chontales Dining Chair by Masaya & Co. (image by

Masaya & Co is a socially and environmentally sustainable furniture store. Their eco-friendly furniture is handmade in Nicaragua using renewable hardwoods grown on their reforestation project, which manages over 1100 acres of trees using sustainable methods. Each time you buy a product from Masaya & Co, they plant 100 trees; this year, Masaya & Co expects to plant 250,000 trees as part of this project.

Masaya & Co. is available at Made Trade. Made Trade is a curated online store for sustainable and ethical furniture and home decor.

Range: This sustainable furniture brand’s range includes armchairs, barstools, beds, bed frames, benches, bookshelves, credenzas, desks, dining chairs, dressers, lounge chairs, love seats, nightstands, ottomans, rocking chairs, side tables, sofas, stools.
Out top picks: Masaya’s range of pieces includes many eye-catching patterns, but we particularly like the Geronimo pattern (seen above on a teak dining chair). The same pattern (and many others) are available on a rocking chair, lounge chair, ottoman, and even on the headboard for Masaya’s Monimbo bed.
Financing: Yes

11. VivaTerra – Large Range of Globally-Sourced Furniture

Budget: $$$
Features: Recycled & reclaimed materials, FSC-certified wood, supports global artisan craftsmen

Vivaterra Iron and Reclaimed Wood Nesting Tables
Nesting Tables by Vivaterra (image by

VivaTerra sells a large range of eco-friendly decor items, including furniture. This furniture and home decor company sources its items from artisans and family-owned businesses around the world, supporting creators and their communities who use sustainable methods to create beautiful items.

Most of their pieces are handcrafted, made with reclaimed or recycled materials, made using natural products, and using responsibly-sourced wood (either FSC-certified or reclaimed wood).

Range: Accent tables, armchairs, benches, chairs, coat racks, consoles, cupboards, desks, dining chairs, dining tables, drawers, dressers, nesting tables, lounge chairs, ottomans,  outdoor furniture, side tables, sofas, storage boxes, wine racks.
Out top picks: Vivaterra’s Iron and Reclaimed Wood Nesting Tables (Set of 3, shown above) with naturally distressed reclaimed wood look incredible and will make a versatile addition to your living room.
Financing: No

12. Greenington – Beautiful Eco-Friendly Solid Bamboo Furniture

Budget: $$$
Features: Sustainable bamboo furniture, sustainable materials, fair living wage

Greenington Azara Dining Table
Azara Dining Table by Greenington (image by

Greenington creates beautiful sustainable furniture products from molded Mosu Bamboo, a material that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and easy to grow. The natural materials are grown in China, where the products are manufactured, and Greenington is committed to paying all its workers and artisans in China a fair living wage.

Greenington is available at Made Trade. Made Trade is a curated online store for sustainable and ethical furniture and home goods.

Range: Accent tables, beds, bed frames, bookshelves, chairs, coffee tables, dining chairs, dining tables, drawers, dressers, end tables, media centers, nightstands, sideboard, stools.
Out top picks: Check out the Greenington Azara Dining Table.
Financing: Yes

13. Medley – Handcrafted in California

Budget: $$$
Features: US-based, FSC-certified hardwoods, organic materials, no harsh chemicals, eco-friendly furniture

Medley Rio Sofa
Rio Sofa by Medley (image by

Family-owned and founded in Los Angeles, Medley Furniture (aka Medley Home) is handcrafted in California using American hardwood from FSC-certified hardwoods. Medley doesn’t stop at wood when choosing sustainable materials: their foam is created using either natural latex foam (certified organic by The Global Organic Latex Standard), or, if you choose synthetic, the cleanest polyester foam available on the market (certified by CertiPUR-US).

Other natural materials used include eco friendly fabrics, such as sustainably-sourced Eco Wool (Oeko-Tex 100 Certified) and organic cotton (certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard). They also offer a 100-day trial, and they don’t use harsh chemicals on their products, making them great for the planet and your home or working environment.

Range: Accent chairs, accent tables, armchairs, benches, beds, bed frames, credenza, dressers, dining chairs, nightstands, ottomans, sectionals, side tables, sleeper sofas, sofa beds, sofas, stools, and many other furniture pieces.
Out top picks: The Rio Sofa (pictured above) is a popular choice, but our favorite piece is the Burr Accent Chair. We like this stunning wood chair best in Solid American Walnut paired with a darker fabric.
Financing: Yes

14. Thuma – One Product Superstar

Budget: $$$
Features: Reclaimed wood, recycled packaging

Thuma Bed Charcoal
‘The Bed’ in Charcoal by Thuma (image by

Thuma sells just one product – ‘The Bed’ – but what a product! Thuma’s beds are made from responsibly sourced rubberwood from rubber tree plantations close to their factories. This reclaimed wood has reached the end of its useful life (it has finished producing rubber) and is given a new purpose when it is upcycled and repurposed into a bed.

In addition to using reclaimed wood for their products, Thuma also use packaging made from recycled cardboard boxes, and they have partnered with One Tree Planted so that each bed sold means another tree planted.

Range:The Bed‘ available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cali King sizes.
Out top picks: There’s only one product to choose from!
Financing: Yes

15. Floyd – US-made Sustainable Furniture

Budget: $$$
Features: US-based, sustainable furniture

Floyd Bed
The Bed Frame by Floyd (image by

Floyd is reducing waste by creating eco-friendly furniture pieces that last for decades and reducing transportation emissions by manufacturing their products in the USA.

This eco friendly furniture brand has five sustainability goals they are aiming to hit by 2025, including a resale and refurbishment program, to extend the life of their furniture products, using 100% FSC-certified wood, and 70% of materials coming from recycled or renewable sources. Floyd haven’t hit all those targets yet, but they’re moving in the right direction – although the if off-gassing is a concern for you, be warned they use plywood which is stuck together with a flue that includes formaldehyde.

Range:  Bed, bed frames, mattresses, sofas, sectionals, tables, side tables, coffee table, standing desk, modular table, shelving, media console, outdoor chairs, outdoor tables, outdoor benches, rugs, dining tables.
Financing: Yes

16. Kaiyo – Second-Hand Superstars

Budget: $$
Features: Second-hand & pre-loved furniture, one tree planted for every order

Kaiyo Couch
Pre-owned Couch by Kaiyo (image by

Unlike many of the other sustainable furniture brands we’ve mentioned, Kaiyo is an online marketplace for second-hand designer furniture. By offering pre-owned products, Kaiyo have kept more than 2,201,390lbs of furniture out of landfill, and provided many sustainably-minded customers the opportunity to get high-quality pieces for a lower cost.

Kaiyo buys furniture from sellers, picks it up, cleans it, photographs it, then sells it on their website before delivering the furniture with their own delivery teams. This means buyers deal with Kaiyo, and not with individual sellers. And because Kaiyo offers second-hand pieces, it provides more affordable sustainable furniture options for consumers (let’s face it, some sustainable options are pretty expensive)

Range: Sofas, loveseats, chaises, sofa beds, bed frames, dining chairs, recliners, ottomans, dressers, wardrobes, armoires, ottomans, media units, dinner tables, dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, office desks, lamps, mirrors, rugs, and more!
Out top picks: Every furniture piece is unique!
Financing: No

17. Sabai – Sustainable Sofas made in North Carolina

Budget: $$$
Features: US-based, FSC-certified woods, recycled & upcycled fabrics, plastic-free shipping, local materials

Sabai Loveseat
The Essential Loveseat by Sabai (image by

Sabai create eco-friendly sofas, sectionals, loveseats and ottomans. They are fully committed to sustainability, using FSC-certified wood, Certipur-US certified foam, and recycled and upcycled natural fabrics. Additionally, their pieces are created ethically in North Carolina with 90% of materials sourced locally and do not include fire retardants or toxic materials.

They allow owners who want to replace their Sabai to trade their existing models in, and then refurbish and sell these pieces online secondhand. Additionally, they offer repairs and replacement components so that their pieces can keep being used for longer and stay out of landfill.

Range: Sofas, sectionals, loveseats, ottomans
Out top picks: We’re partial to the Essential Sectional with a recycled velvet fabric.
Financing: No

18. West Elm – Wide Range of Fair Trade & Sustainable Furniture

Budget: $$-$$$
Features: US-based, FSC-certified woods, recycled plastics, organic cotton, certified non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials (note: some ranges are less eco-friendly)

West Elm Anton Dining Table
Anton Dining Table by West Elm (image by

West Elm designs their large range of products from their Brooklyn studios, many of which use sustainably sourced materials, including FSC-certified wood (52% of wood furniture), upcycled and recycled materials, and organic cotton. Although their full-range is not yet eco-friendly, West Elm were the first furniture retailer to join Fair Trade USA and have invested $200M into artisan communities and local craftsman.

West Elm state they have saved 66 million plastic bottles from landfill ( the recycled water bottles are turned into polyester fabric) and saved 2.3 billion liters of water (in 2019 alone) by using organic cotton. Many of their pieces are also certified nontoxic by OEKO-TEX.

Range: Full range of furniture for your dining room, living room, bedroom, and office
Out top picks: The best-selling handcrafted Harmony Sofa is a popular choice.
Financing: Yes

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Editorial Team